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mysql ssh tunneling on ec2 instance

ssh -L 4000:xxx.yyyy.rds.amazonaws.com:3306 -i .ssh/MyKey.pem ec2-user@ec2-54-215-43-78.compute-1.amazonaws.com   This will connect to mysql running on xxx.yyyy.rds.amazonaws.com on port 3306 through this  host ec2-54-215-43-78.compute-1.amazonaws.com with user name ec2-user whenever we connect localhost port 4000. To connect to  xxx.yyyy.rds.amazonaws.com mysql server just point … Continue reading

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How to install Mysql Database and access it from Remote Client?

Mysql database is the most widely used database in the web. Today i tried to develop an java web application in eclipse with MySQL as backend . My Server setup goes as follows . Mysql-server 5.1 version in fedora 14 … Continue reading

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