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Setting up Redis High Availability (HA) cluster using Sentinel

We were running redis server in one of our machine which serves one of our mirco service. The redis service was running happily for 3 months. One day suddenly redis server stopped responding because machine ran out of disk space. … Continue reading

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How to install Mysql Database and access it from Remote Client?

Mysql database is the most widely used database in the web. Today i tried to develop an java web application in eclipse with MySQL as backend . My Server setup goes as follows . Mysql-server 5.1 version in fedora 14 … Continue reading

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How to install couchDB?

CouchDB is a NoSQL kind of Database from apache foundation. CouchDB Comes under document store type NoSQL database. For more details and different type of NoSQL database refer Ok Lets get started .. Here i will walk you through … Continue reading

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