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How to dowgrade linux(ubuntu) kernel to previous version

Recently we are bitten by the OOM bug in the ubuntu kernel version 4.4.0-59-generic. The fix will be released in updates channel tentatively on Feb 20 2017. We can’t wait till that time. So  We decided to roll back to the … Continue reading

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Nodemcu Blink Example

Nodemcu Working LED Blink Example

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Setting up Redis High Availability (HA) cluster using Sentinel

We were running redis server in one of our machine which serves one of our mirco service. The redis service was running happily for 3 months. One day suddenly redis server stopped responding because machine ran out of disk space. … Continue reading

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mysql ssh tunneling on ec2 instance

ssh -L -i .ssh/MyKey.pem   This will connect to mysql running on on port 3306 through this  host with user name ec2-user whenever we connect localhost port 4000. To connect to mysql server just point … Continue reading

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Setting up play framework 2.2.x with Intellij IDEA 13.x.x

Recently i tried to prototype an application with Play Framework 2.2. After going through official document i was able run the quickstart application. I want to integrate play development work with intellij IDEA 13 because IDEA is my preferred IDE … Continue reading

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How to install weighttp in Ubuntu?

weighttp a lightweight and simple webserver benchmarking tool. To install weighttp in ubuntu we need to install libev (It is libev not libdev) using the following command sudo apt-get install libev4 libev-dev or we can install libev for any linux … Continue reading

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How to install dotcloud CLI in Fedora?

Hi Everyone, I would like to share my experience in setting up dotcloud CLI(Command Line Interface ) in fedora 15 (LoveLock). Step 1 : We need to install easy_install to fetch & install python modules easily . Execute the following … Continue reading

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