Setting up play framework 2.2.x with Intellij IDEA 13.x.x

Recently i tried to prototype an application with Play Framework 2.2. After going through official document i was able run the quickstart application. I want to integrate play development work with intellij IDEA 13 because IDEA is my preferred IDE after moving out from eclipse. I was using intellij IDEA 13 ultimate edition.

The IDEA should have following plugins installed.

scala , play framework , play framework 2.0(available only in ultimate edition)

To create a new app in terminal

play new fixit
cd fixit
play idea

I was faced with issue saying Cannot resolve symbol ‘index’ in IDEA. To fix

Open the myApp folder in IDEA. File –> Open Project–> [fixit]

Goto  File–> Project Strucuture –> Modules –>Select [fixit] –>  Sources [Tab]

Remove the following two folders from excluded.

target –> scala<version> –> classes_managed

target –> scala<version> –> src_managed

And add the src_managed and classes_managed to sources.

Final project structure should look like this.


Tip: Instead of creating new play application using idea I recommend you to use play command line.


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