How to install dotcloud CLI in Fedora?

Hi Everyone,
I would like to share my experience in setting up dotcloud CLI(Command Line Interface ) in fedora 15 (LoveLock).

Step 1 :
We need to install easy_install to fetch & install python modules easily . Execute the following command
sudo yum install python-setuptools
Step 2 :
Then execute the following commands to install dotcloud CLI
sudo easy_install pip && sudo pip install dotcloud
Step 3:
Run dotcloud by executing following command
When you launch for the first time it will ask for the API Key which can be found under settings tab of your account
Please enter the API key , then it will create folder under your home directory with a name of .dotcloud which contains two files dotcloud.conf which contains URL and API Key in json format and dotcloud.key which used to upload your files to dotcloud git repo through ssh.

After that you can follow with the official documentation link.

Problems Faced:
i got the following error when i tried to push the contents to dotcloud server.
2012-01-04 16:16:40 [api] Deploy testhtml scheduled for revision = git-a92a5cf
2012-01-04 16:16:40 [api] Expected a type dictionary but got a type string in "dotcloud.yml", line 2, column 3

The above error is caused because of invalid dotcloud.yml .
contents of my dotcloud.yml are

The mistake i did was not giving a space between semicolon and static in the above code.
Corrected dotcloud.yml as follows
type: static


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One Response to How to install dotcloud CLI in Fedora?

  1. Thanks! I have updated the installation guide to add instructions explaining how to get easy_install on Fedora/RHEL as well as on Ubuntu/Debian.


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